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Yamaha R1 5VY Interface Wiring Loom Kit

Yamaha R1 5VY Interface Wiring Loom Kit

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Interface wiring loom to allow seamless connection from the standard Yamaha R1 5VY bike wiring loom to the MK Universal Chassis Wiring Harness.

We know how much people love wiring up their vehicles.... not

We've simplified the installation of the Yamaha R1 5VY engine so that with a couple of plugs, the standard motor cycle wiring loom can be connected into our universal chassis harness making the whole wiring of the engine a very simple process.

In addition to simply routing the harness around the chassis and plugging in a few plugs, this requires you to cut the plugs for the Yamaha fuel pump (green and white plugs) and join these at the rear of the vehicle to standard Yamaha fuel pump in the tank

Kit Includes

Regulator Extension

Loom Interface from Yamaha R1 5VY loom to MK Chassis Harness

Fuel Pump Interface

Side Stand Bypass Plug

This kit is designed to use the standard Yamaha fuel pump and clocks and supports the clocks being up behind the dashboard.

Also supports immobilizer for IVA compliance

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