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Wilwood Reverse Mount Triple Master Cylinder Pedal Box

Wilwood Reverse Mount Triple Master Cylinder Pedal Box

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Wilwood Engineering's racing brake and clutch pedal assemblies are the result of years of hands-on experience, input from racers and chassis builders, and design, material selection and manufacturing techniques that result in durable, lightweight components. They incorporate ergonomics without sacrificing performance, and practical requirements without adding weight.

Our forward and reverse mount dual pedal assemblies incorporate both the cluth and brake pedals in a compact, lightweight design. Weighing only 3.5 pounds, the pedals have a 6.25 ratio (the reverse mount is available in a 5.1 ratio as well), utilise high strength steel master cylinder mounting studs, fully adjustable balance bar, and have a protective anodised finish. The reverse mount design keeps the master cylinders away from heat sources. All pedals have a non-slip foot pad and accept our remote balance bar cable adjuster.

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