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Westfield Style Rear Light Cluster Coloured (Pair)

Westfield Style Rear Light Cluster Coloured (Pair)

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Westfield style clear rear light cluster (Pair) as shown in the pictures.

They have an E marked on the lens.

These have the FLAT BASE rubber mounting plinth

Lamp has four wires with bullet connectors
Red Tail
Green Indicator
Green/Purple Stop
Black Earth

These lamps perform the following functions

The lamps and the rubber plinths are not handed

Please ensure you fit these correctly and use them correctly.


Kit consists
2 Flat Rubber Mounting Plinths
2 Stop & Tail, Indicator, Reflector lamps
2 Glass Indicator bulbs
2 Glass Stop Tail Bulbs

Technical Specification

Rubber Mounting Plinth
Construction: Rubber
Length: 191mm
Height: 75mm
Depth at highest point (Top side): 37mm
Depth at lowest point (Botton side): 6mm
Fixing to body are not provided

Length: 190mm
Height: 72mm
Depth: 37mm
E marked
Bulbs fitted: YES
Connector system Bullet Connectors

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