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AB Performance

AB Performance 5" Dry Sump Tank

AB Performance 5" Dry Sump Tank

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Dry sump tank 5" (125mm) x 17" (435mm), allow just over 18" (460mm) for breathers with -12 outlets both top and bottom. and a welded oil temp boss with M12x1.5 thread, Capacity - approx 5L. Fixes to the vehicle using the specific clamp with a rubber housing so the fixing point does not crack and fracture.

Fully splitable washable tank with built in baffles. Due to the extremely clever design & complex baffle system, we designed this tank specifically to cope with the problems that can be associated with the Hayabusa engine. As far as using a circular tank is concerned, it is far more efficient for the returning air and oil mix to be spun around the wall of the round tank, so the air separates out and only oil can then reach the bottom of the tank.

Spun aluminium dry sump oil tank. Easy clean can quickly be dismantled. The suction tube take the form of a thick wall tube that runs to the centre point of the base of the tank to prevent surge.

We use this tank on all our MK Indy RR race cars and is a race winning proven design

The scavenge oil return is fan tailed and angled onto the inner side wall of the tank to to spin the oil and air apart. The oil then runs down through a flat baffle plate to promote further oil air separation, finally entering the lower chamber through a drilled centre column. Single 5/8 diameter breather is fitted, the outer is normally connected to the rocker box and the inner to the oil catch tank.

Aluminium filler cap with O ring 1.5 inch internal diameter. 5 inch diameter body, 14 inch high (15 inches including the cap), M22 inlet and outlet. The ideal working capacity of this tank is 3.2 litres of oil (this is approximately half full).

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