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Silicone Hose 38mm Diameter 180 Degree Elbow Bend (Black)

Silicone Hose 38mm Diameter 180 Degree Elbow Bend (Black)

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Silicone Hose for coolant and air use. The hoses are supplied 38mm Diameter, 180 Degree Silicone Elbow Bend

Each hose is a Standard leg length of 102mm and constructed in Polyester reinforced 3 ply (4.5mm wall).

Silicone hoses are designed to connect metal pipe work and components in systems using water and ethylene glycol based coolants. Our 180 degree elbows are perfect if you need a complete direction change, or U bend, in runs of pipe work.

Silicone hose is a extremely flexible compared to rubber, with the ability to maintain this flexibility over the lifespan of its use. Under some conditions rubber hoses are at risk of splitting, hardening, or dry rot, which is why silicone hoses are the choice for many trucks, buses, performance cars, and many other vehicle and industrial applications.

We increase the number of plys and wall thickness of our 180 degree hoses as the diameter increases, this is because we want all our range capable of carrying fluid and air at very high pressures. So if you’re building a racing vehicle, adding turbochargers or superchargers, our silicone hose is the way to go.

We manufacture silicone hoses to the highest standard, designed to operate under the most extreme conditions found anywhere in today’s modern engines. Our silicone hoses, are manufactured using high quality silicone from world leading suppliers. The woven and knitted polyester fabric reinforcement used, is of the highest quality and supplied by leading UK manufacturers.

180 Degree Elbow Silicone Hose, suitable for a wide range of applications that require high and low temperature flexibility with excellent resistance to ozone, UV and moisture

Please Note : This is a special order item and may take between 7 - 10 days for dispatch.

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