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NACA Air Intake Ducts Carbon Fibre Infusion

NACA Air Intake Ducts Carbon Fibre Infusion

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Naca air intake ducts are a universal air intake made from light and durable carbon fibre infusion, which will allow air to flow into your engine.

The ducts measure 160mm x 260mm at their widest point and have a 70mm outlet for ducting towards the engine for ultimate cooling.

These can be positioned in either the nose cone or bonnet of a car to increase the air flow on track days and help you drive your car home rather than tow it.

This product is designed for use on a flat surface.

All of our products are handmade by hand. As a result of this process, minor changes as well as slight, hardly detectable irregularities (distortions / bulges in the fabric, minor scratches, etc.) can occur from part to part.

We understand that you, as an enthusiastic enthusiast, buy our products as you admire the uniqueness of every handmade product we sell. At the same time, however, it is very important to us that this is properly understood, since every single piece is handmade. Details are not as flawless as machine-made and discrepancies in design might also occur.

Please note : These products are made to order so please be aware the lead time will be 6 - 8 weeks but well worth the wait.

Template for cutting the hole is available for download here

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