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MK Indy RX-5 Kit Module 2

MK Indy RX-5 Kit Module 2

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Mk Indy RX-5 Kit Module 2 is the perfect way to continue building your dream car.

To save over £470 on buying the following components separately, we offer the module 2 kit which consists of the following components.

Interior : Pedal Set (x3)
Steering & Suspension : Cycle Wing Bracket (x2)
Steering & Suspension : Shock Absorbers Adjustable + Springs (x4)
Bodywork : Fibreglass Side Panel (x2)
Bodywork : Fibreglass Bonnet
Bodywork : Fibreglass Rear Panel
Bodywork : Fibreglass Nose Cone
Bodywork : Fibreglass Scuttle
Bodywork : Fibreglass Front Cycle Wings (x2)
Bodywork : Fibreglass Rear Cycle Wings (x2)

If you require any combinations of engine or roll bar that is not currently listed, please contact us.  Our images show pictures of cars with rollcages and without rollcages.Due to the size of this item, the cost of shipping is calculated on an individual basis.  This can be collected directly from us.  

This is made to order.

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