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MK Indy Dashboard Panel Carbon

MK Indy Dashboard Panel Carbon

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The Carbon dashboard is designed to fit into the MK Indy but will also fit the Locost

It is IVA compliant as it has the 25mm roll at the bottom edge where your legs slide through into the footwell.

The dashboard measures 1060mm at it's widest point and 25.5mm in height at it's widest point. We have included further images to demonstrate where our measurements have been taken from.

The steering column will need to be cut out from this dashboard, but it does look very nice once correctly installed.

Please be aware these are hand made and are not a mass produced part.  They may have some issues in the weave or finish.  These are the last ones we are able to make, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

All of our products are handmade by hand. As a result of this process, minor changes in the weave as well as slight irregularities (distortions / bulges in the fabric, minor scratches, air bubbles etc.) can occur from part to part. Because of this, we can not accept any returns due to this.

We understand that you, as an enthusiastic enthusiast, buy our products as you admire the uniqueness of every handmade product we sell. At the same time, however, it is very important to us that this is properly understood, since every single piece is handmade. Details are not as flawless as machine-made and discrepancies in design might also occur.

Please note : These products are made to order so please be aware the lead time will be 14 - 28 working days

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