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MK Cup Propshaft Catcher Small (Single)

MK Cup Propshaft Catcher Small (Single)

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Prop catcher designed for catching the propshaft of an MK Cup bike engine car where the prop shaft is fairly long in the event of a catastrophic propshaft failure.

This product is symmetrical and can be fitted above and below the propshaft to prevent the propshaft from moving too far from it's axis

Suitable for fixing between transmission tunnel vertical chassis rails

Bolt holes are xxx mm centers, please make sure the chassis rails can accommodate this before ordering

In stock and ready to dispatch next day. Powder coated in Black for protection from rust and oxodisation

Comes complete with the following mounting bolts:
6x M5 x 16 Button head bolts + 12x Washers + 6x Nylock nuts

Please Note: You will need 2 units for successful installation

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