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Life Racing

Life Racing F88RL ECU

Life Racing F88RL ECU

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The F88RL/RSL/RXL or suffix L range has been specifically designed for applications where cost is paramount. These ECUs incorporate the same control strategies and processing power as the F88 however unnecessary hardware components have been removed so that the overall cost can be reduced for users who do not require the vast amount of I/O the F88 utilises.

Based on the F88 architecture the L-Series is by no means a compromise, it just has less inputs and outputs for those applications that don't require the complexity of the full F88. This twin processor unit uses a high speed RISC processor for code execution and an additional large FPGA for high speed engine position tracking, allowing the scheduling of code to be independent of signal patterns, increasing flexibility, efficiency and accuracy under transient conditions. This powerful combination also allows advanced control algorithms but yet easy to map for the end user.

Designed to control complex engines including, turbocharged, supercharged, drive by wire, twin cam, twin vvt, vtec, gearbox, differential and many more! The unique crank and cam sync logger allow the flexibility of controlling the most awkward trigger patterns capable of running all current known patterns and even future OEM timing wheels.

All of this hardware is packaged within a lightweight high pressure die cast aluminum case designed to be installed in harsh Motorsport environments.

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