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Ford Zetec Black Top 1.8 / 2.0 Low Level Steel Sump

Ford Zetec Black Top 1.8 / 2.0 Low Level Steel Sump

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Steel sump and pickup pipe to give extra ground clearance for the Ford Focus derived ('Black Top') 2.0 & 1.8 Zetec engines produced from 1998 onwards.

Unique design retains the original Ford gasket (supplied).

Includes replacement windage tray, mounting kit and pick up pipe.

The sump features a multi baffle system that not only protects the engine under cornering forces, but also protests under acceleration and braking.

Additional oil capacity is incorporated in design thus retaining the standard Ford oil level.

The original dipstick is retained.

Applicable to Caterham, Sylvia, Tiger, Westfield, etc. Under the most severe of race conditions this design has proven fault free.

Please note: This is a special order item so the lead time is 14 - 21 working days

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