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Ford Duratec 2.0 Wet Sump Pan Kit (Flat)

Ford Duratec 2.0 Wet Sump Pan Kit (Flat)

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The Duratec 2.0 aluminium wet sump pan kit is designed to run5 litres of oil while giving maximum ground clearance (approx 75mm from block face) and still retaining the overall stiffness of the drive train assembly.

The design continues the three compartment layout with bleed holes that has proven so successful with the Zetec wet sump, again with an integral oil pick up pipe that collects from the middle section. The oil is controlled by a baffle tray that sits on top of the three compartments, keeping the oil in place during hard cornering, but still allowing the oil to drain from above.

The oil pump-to-sump sealing block wedge and the additional windage tray that sits above the baffle tray differ between the kits listed to accommodate the Ford base engine designs.

All the wet sump kits come complete with fittings and fixings and a push on fitting for a bespoke dipstick arrangement.

This sump can also be used with front wheel drive transverse Duratec applications where increased capacity and oil control is required).

Please Note : This is a special order item and may take between 7 - 14 working days to dispatch.

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