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Flatshifter Actuator Gear Selector Solenoid

Flatshifter Actuator Gear Selector Solenoid

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Replacement actuator solenoid for the flatshifter system which is used to change gear on the flatshifter system.

The actuator unit is the key system component. It connects to the gear linkage, effectively replacing your foot for both up and down shifts. The unit is extremely powerful and robust; there is only one moving part for absolute reliability. This unit has been developed to cope with the most demanding gearboxes including Harley Davidson and Moto Guzzi. On the majority of sports bikes the speed of the gear change is extremely fast - we have had interrupt times as low as 35 milliseconds when using the optional ignition interrupt! Clearly an advantage for competitive use where the cumulative advantage from the hundreds of changes during a race could be decisive.

Improvements over earlier versions include extra power, faster response, lower current drain, waterproofing, improved finish and choice of connections.

Dimensions & Electrical specifications

Length (body):150mm - Diameter: 50mm

Length of connecting rod (6mm dia) : 80mm extended - 30mm retracted

Power consumption Amps(nominal 12volt supply) : Standard : 35A - High Power: 48A

Weight 1.5Kg

Please see our blog for more information on the flatshifter system.

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