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ETB Instruments Temperature Sensor (Oil & Water) 1/8' NPTF

ETB Instruments Temperature Sensor (Oil & Water) 1/8' NPTF

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Electrical oil pressure gauges indicate engine oil pressure in PSI (Pounds per square inch) and are marked in 15psi intervals. Each marking therefore approximately equates to 1 BAR, so 90psi is approximately equal to 6 BAR.

A matching ETB Pressure Sensor is required to provide the gauge with the correct input resistance.

The gauges are supplied a 'U'-shaped fixing bracket and thumb nuts along with a 12v /2w illumination bulb. Night illumination is classic white. The gauge size of 52mm denotes the outer diameter of the main body of the instrument and hence a 53mm to 54mm diameter hole is required in the dashboard.

Please Note : This product is made to order so lead times are between 14 and 21 days

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