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ETB Instruments Mechanical Turbo Boost Gauge 52mm + Fitting Kit

ETB Instruments Mechanical Turbo Boost Gauge 52mm + Fitting Kit

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Bezel & Pointer Colour

52mm mechanical turbo boost gauge measuring from -30inHg vacuum to +25psi positive boost pressure. The gauge is supplied with a fitting kit, including 1.8m pipe (~6ft), tubing joiners, cable ties and T-piece. 

The gauge is supplied a 'U'-shaped fixing bracket and thumb nuts along with a 12v /2w illumination bulb. Night illumination is classic white. 

The gauge size of 52mm denotes the outer diameter of the main body of the instrument and hence a 53mm to 54mm diameter hole is required in the dashboard.

Please Note : This product is made to order so lead times are between 14 and 21 days



If +12v and earth is supplied to the gauge without sensor connected, the gauge will go full scale.

This is normal and will occur if:-

a) The sensor is disconnected

b) The sensor is not earthed properly via its thread (Do NOT use PTFE tape!)

c) There is a break in the wire between the G terminal on the sensor and the T terminal on the gauge

d) The connections on these terminals are bad

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