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BlinkSTOP Smart Indicator Controller System

BlinkSTOP Smart Indicator Controller System

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Features of the smart indicator control system

BlinkSTOP auto-cancels your indicators after your pre-set duration. BlinkSTOP's smart features ensure it functions only when you want it to.
Use BlinkSTOP with traditional indicator bulbs or LED bulbs. BlinkSTOP works alongside your existing flasher relay.

Paused in traffic or waiting to turn? Indicator cancelling is disabled by the brake pedal, and for 6 or 9 seconds afterwards so that the indicators remain on until you've finished your manoeuvre.

BlinkSTOP's configurable nature lets you choose between 12 or 18 second flash durations.

BlinkSTOP measures 75mm x 50mm x 27mm and weighs just 110g - including cables!

Powered from your vehicle battery, for complete reliability.

This will work on push to make button switches and also the Lucas switch found in a Caterham or Westfield. No more leaving your indicators on!

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