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MK Indy R Hayabusa Gen 1 (CC174)

MK Indy R Hayabusa Gen 1 (CC174)

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I built the car myself and it was registered May 2012, since then, I have used it both on the road and on track days. 

Car includes:

  • Gen 1 Hayabusa engine that was rebuilt in 2015 because it wouldn’t go into some gears very well. The condition of all the engine parts was checked by RLM Racing before the required replacement parts were ordered and replaced, these being the 3rd/4th gear and 6th gear 
  • <
  • Upgraded billet selector shafts 
  • Upgraded gear shift shaft upgrade. 
  • RLM Racing dry sump kit including electric water pump. 
  • Power commander 
  • Billet clutch centre and upgraded clutch springs to help with clutch feel. 
  • Power Commander has been setup by RLM Racing. 178.6 HP 
  • Billet clutch slave cylinder. 
  • Odyssey motorsport battery 
  • 13” Team Dynamic Wheels with Toyo r888 
  • Rear diff is a 3.14 with Quaife LSD fitted April 2016. 
  • Custom built prop-shaft fully balanced 
  • Speedo healer 
  • Gear indicator 
  • Rally Design 285mm steering wheel. 
  • Aero screen 
  • Full roll cage 
  • Hayabusa clocks that have been moulded in to the dash. 
  • MK Seats 
  • LED rear lights 


I have taken the car on track days and the odd ¼ mile - my best time was 12.6. 


The front nose, bonnet and scuttle has just be repainted due to cone damage at Blyton. The rest of the car does have some stone chips and some damage to the left side panel at the front. 


Car will have a year’s MOT. 



Jamie ;

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