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Flatshifter Full Throttle Upshift Interrupter System

Flatshifter Full Throttle Upshift Interrupter System

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Full throttle upshift interupter system allows the user to change gear while keeping their foot flat on the accelerator.

This is a simple product which can interupt the coils with a pre-determined time interval which is short enough to allow you to change gear.

This can work with the flatshifter MAX system or can be connected to a strain gauge on the gear selector system.

If using this with a flatshifter MAX system, then simply connect the yellow wire to the yellow wire on the MAX system and the two coil curcuits to the coils.

Full wiring diagram is included.  

This is a very simple installation.

Please note : This is a special order item and has a lead time of approx 10 working days.

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